I Hate Running


CFBC Blog, April 2018

By: Lorra Gosselin

I hate running.

So says many a CrossFitter around the world. It was astounding the first few months of my exposure to CrossFit to hear people openly and vehemently detest running.

My previous life had included sprint triathlons, yoga and lots of cardio equipment at the gym so running was almost always a part of training. I’d even done a half-marathon once (of which I am very proud). And swore never again.

When I started doing CrossFit over two years ago, I’d have the usual panic when a WOD was announced. Evenings would have me thinking, “I can’t possibly lift that much!” or “There is no way I can do that many burpees!”

You know where this is going.

I lifted way more than I thought and I managed to get through the burpees. I did more every day than I ever thought possible. As someone driven by achievement, this was a great motivator. It still is.

But one thing still made me nauseous heading into a workout – running. Despite a group of people who swore they hated running, these people (in my perception) were fast. Like leaving me dead last and by myself, huffing and puffing around the building. I’d often drop to a walk just because I’d be so frustrated.

Last year, when our gym participated in the Brierdale Ale Trail 5K race I did it – mainly because everyone else was. My pace was steady and it still sucked but I did it. I celebrated with the crew.

A weird thing happened this year during the same race. I ran it again – this time by myself. Just me and my techno tunes blaring in my ears. And can I tell you? I crushed it. Over three minutes better than last year’s time. This, despite not doing ANY running outside the gym and the regular workouts.

CrossFit teaches us a lot of things. For me personally, this experience forced me to recognize and celebrate that I’m stronger. I may not be at the top of the whiteboard on a running day but I’m beating my old self.

It’s a reminder to not avoid the activities with which you struggle. Monitor them even more closely and celebrate even more vigorously the improvements. They are the most hard earned and valuable.


Lorra (LoGo) has been doing CrossFit with CFBC since 2016. A social extravert, she leads a marketing team in her day job and loves a challenge. She enjoys traveling around the world with her husband (also a CrossFitter), going to the theater, and a good book.

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