CrossFit Testimonial – Chad

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CrossFit Testimonial – Chad

CrossFit Brier Creek has been transformational in many ways for myself. Having started CrossFit In Vietnam and then moving back to the states, I wanted to continue to my fitness journey. To my luck the first box I tried out was CFBC. It was the closest to the airport and I did not own a car yet. So priorities, right?

I was unsure of where I would be living so Kirk was very flexible with me and was like “pay me $X every time you come in”. What? Really? Easy enough.

What that led to was me telling my real estate agent to find me a place close enough to the box and work so I could come there for good!

My more transformational journey came over the next two years. Did I get fitter? 100%. But more importantly to me it was the community and the life-long friends I have met. Being an openly gay man in a predominately straight world can make it hard, and it can wear on you mentally. But to be accepted for your whole self into a community just adds to the motivation and sense of loyalty. It is rare to find any place in your life where you can be you. It is great in concept, but reality is usually very disappointing. That acceptance has led me to be a better athlete and person. I could not ask for anything more.