CrossFit Testimonial – Lily

I started at CrossFit Brier Creek at the end of October 2017, but didn’t take it seriously until February 2018 after making the decision to really make some changes with my health. I was always intimidated by the idea of CrossFit since my friends who did it were extremely athletic and talked about how intense the workouts were. My roommate encouraged me to join after seeing how unhappy I was with my health. I hadn’t worked out in 5 years, was turning 39, and was my unhealthiest at the time so I had many fears going into this. I’m so happy I decided to make that jump.

The coaches and athletes at CFBC are so motivating, patient, and supportive of each other. The coaches pay attention to each athlete and help them achieve their health goals without judgement. There are times when I’d finish a workout and feel like I didn’t do my best or push my hardest but by the time I leave the gym, I always end up feeling happy that I did the workout with everyone. The guys at this gym make you feel like part of a family.

I’ve grown so much mentally since joining CFBC. I’m more confident with myself and have learned to overcome many fears and anxieties that used to make me feel self-conscious. I’m more comfortable in my own skin and continue to work on myself with a positive mindset. I definitely believe that the most valuable wealth we have is our health and I continue to make it part of my routine no matter how busy or stressful life gets. Life is about finding that balance between health, family, work, and yourself – that’s what CFBC taught me.

February 2018

March 2019