Athlete Spotlight – Susan Bouchard

Athlete Spotlight – Susan Bouchard

The Athlete Spotlight is meant to introduce you to members of our community you have yet to meet. If you have met them, you might just find out something new or something you have in common!

Our Athlete Spotlight for November 2018 is Susan Bouchard!
Which days and class times can we find you?

My schedule is a little crazy, but I can usually be found at the 5:30 class

What do you do for a living?

I am a Literacy Coach at Hortons Creek Elementary School!

When did you start CrossFit?

Four years ago, Kaleena Fleming invited me to a WOD. Five minutes into the warm up, I had to go sit outside in the chilly February rain to cool down and avoid passing out – LOL! A couple of months later, I turned 40 and decided it was time to get in shape! CFBC has been my home all of my CrossFit life!

What is your favorite movement and why?

I love pullups and toes to bar – I never thought I’d be able to do either of these. So many people coached me through learning these moves and doing them makes me feel like a badass!

What is your LEAST favorite movement and why?

Thrusters – doesn’t everyone hate those?!

What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?

Completing the in-house competition last year is probably my biggest CF accomplishment. Before CrossFit, I would’ve told you that I am an emotionally strong person – through prayer and perseverance I can handle anything. Even though I was a high school and college athlete (field hockey), I’ve never seen myself as a physically strong person, and certainly would’ve never guessed I’d put myself in a situation to be judged on my physical ability. When I started CF, I just wanted to get back into good shape – now, I want to be a little stronger than I was yesterday!

What were you most afraid of when you started CrossFit?

When I started CrossFit, I was most afraid of looking like an idiot in front of all the other strong, serious athletes. I wanted to look like I belonged, but I couldn’t remember the difference between a power clean and a deadlift. Now, I know –¬†it’s OK to ask questions and most people feel a little intimidated by the workouts – especially the Saturday WODs!

What are your fitness goals for this year?

I just want to be a little stronger than I was yesterday!

Do you have any embarrassing CrossFit stories? You know you want to share…

Speaking of the in-house competition last year – I was a little embarrassed when, hours later, I realized that I had misunderstood the instructions for the first weight lifting event, which I think was clean and jerk. In the moment, I wondered why everyone was adding weight, risking failure – so I stayed at a comfortable, easy weight, causing my team to fall back a bit in the rankings. Next year, I’ll pay a little more attention to the instructions!

What is your “why” for doing CrossFit? Why do you keep coming back?

CFBC is a place where I can come and forget everything else in life for one hour every day – it truly refreshes my soul. On days when I debate, “Go or don’t go,” I never regret working out and always regret missing a WOD. Most importantly, the people and coaches have become close friends and I can’t imagine my life without them. #friendswhostruggletogetherstaytogether


Susan we are thankful that you are a member of our community – and will keep working hard so CFBC can continue to refresh your soul!
Happy Thanksgiving y’all!
-Your CFBC Staff