It’s All About that Barbell

Saturday, May 16, 2015

In Teams of 4…

For Time:

  • 200 Deadlifts(185,125)(155,95)(125,65)(55,35)
    Katie owning the bar :)

    Katie owning the bar ūüôā

  • 150 Back Squats (team will place on back)
  • 125 Bench Press (rack)
  • 100 Cleans

Today’s wod is a 4 person team event. ¬†Ideally you would have 4 same sex athletes on a team but we can make it work however it falls. ¬†This won’t be our typical Saturday grinder. ¬†You will need to be strategic among the team. ¬†There will be those that are stronger or weaker at different movements. ¬†Capitalize on those strengths and weaknesses to help each other through this one.