Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dumbbell Deadlift: Note: This can also be done with an odd object, kettlebell or barbell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNpUNRPQkAk

  • 4 sets of 15 Reps with a 3 second negative down (use 2 if possible)


  • 5 Sets of 20 RDL’s (holding 2 dumbbells)

Immediately Into…

20 Alternating Lunge Steps with dumbbells

*Rest 2-3 minutes between all sets.


3 Rounds for time:

  • 50 Double Unders (singles, lateral jumps)
  • 15 Hang Power Cleans (light dumbbells, odd object, light barbell-Think unbroken)

We are getting into some more high rep tempo work today for our strength portion. Start with a dumbbell deadlift doing a 3 second negative down. Move from there into a superset of RDL’s and lunge steps. The metcon is meant to be a burner so really ramp up the intensity and go as fast as possible. Happy Wednesday!