Thursday, March 19, 2020

For Time:

  • 50 Medball Squat Cleans
  • 25 Push-ups
  • 400 Meter Farmer Carry
  • 40 Medball Squat Cleans
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 200 Meter Farmer Carry
  • 30 Medball Squat Cleans
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 100 Meter Farmer Carry

General Warm-up:

  • 5 minutes of foam rolling, lacrosse ball or stretching
  • Range of motion drills: =10 reps of each- arm circles, across the chest, arms overhead to behind, twist side to side, arms overhead to toe touch. You have all done this with me.
  • 3 rounds of: jog 100 meters, 10 alternating slow lunges, 10 deadlifts with ball or object you plan to use in your WOD.

Specific Warm-up: (With your med ball or object being used)

  • 5  deadlift, dip, drive, shrugs
  • 5 hang squat cleans
  • 5 full squat cleans
  • 5 push-ups
  • 50 meter farmer carry (30 seconds)

Cool down:

  • Move slowly in some capacity for 5 minutes. You can walk, ride a bike, row, play with your kids/dogs. Anything to get your heart rate down
  • 1 minute folding hamstring stretch
  • 1 minute per side quad stretch
  • 1 minute per side chest stretch. Against a door frame, wall or laying on the floor
  • 1 minute forearm stretch, pressing palms down into the floor

Surprise! A Thursday workout. The gym isn’t open so no more free open days. Ha! This one will be a lot of fun. Of course you can keep up to the pattern and do your own thing today, but its much more interesting with the virtual team.

By now, we all are doing these from home with limited or no equipment. Lets walk through ways to modify this one starting with the medball squat cleans. If you do not have a ball, you can use dumbbells or any odd object that you can find to squat clean.  Young kids work really well too :).

This workout is intended to be under 20 minutes but don’t worry if you are a little over. You should be looking to only have 3-4 breaks on the 50 reps. Scale the push-ups like you normally do. Find anything moderately heavy that you can farmer carry with minimal breaks. I know you all have suitcases. Have fun!