Barbell Club

From the time of Ancient Greece, people have been competing to establish who can lift the heaviest weight. Since the early 1900s weightlifting has been an Olympic Games sport. In Barbell Club we are devoted to improving these Olympic weightlifting movements (snatch, clean and jerk).

Whether you are looking to compete in weightlifting, want to have better lifting form and technique, or you are a beginner looking to learn or improve these lifts, the CrossFit Brier Creek Barbell Club is for you!

Our custom programming is developed specifically for your skill level with the primary focus on positioning (performing the lift safely and correctly) and then developing strength.

Weightlifting improves explosive strength (maximum force in minimal time). Sports needing this explosive strength include baseball, soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, boxing, wrestling, golf, track & field, and yes, weightlifting. In general, any athlete needing to output large amounts of force in relatively short bursts or periods of time will surely benefit from weight training.

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