Cassie NeugentI came to CrossFit Brier Creek a little over after joining the Raleigh Fire Department as one of the department’s very few female firefighters. Already in (what I thought was) pretty good shape, I wanted a workout to help me stick out a rough career full of strong men.

One year later, I am in the best shape of my life and lifting weight I never thought possible. Every morning I plan out my entire day based on when I’ll get to go workout. That’s right, get to go workout. Workout, blow off steam, see my friends, have a great time…it’s all morphed into the same thing. When you walk through the front door, you’re home. No matter what time you go, within the hour, that class full of relative strangers will grow together and become the best cheerleaders you could ask for in life. The people will all smile and cheer because they’re excited to see you. They’ll push you so far past your limits; soon you won’t have any. They’ll give you the confidence in yourself that only a best friend could. This gym is my home away from home, and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Mike R.

Michael RauschI started CrossFit at CFBC in January of 2013. My initial goal was to use CrossFit to get back into shape after years of not working out and only using running to stay in moderate shape. After not lifting weights for a period of time and having shoulder surgery only a year prior, I was cautious and nervous at the same time. The Foundations class provided me with the personal hands on training to learn all the proper movements and technique. It also allowed me to ease into working out and helped build my confidence, by allowing me to learn what CrossFit is all about. The gym itself is awesome, just solely based on all the equipment and space available for all the members.

What really drives this place and makes it hands down the best in the area are the coaches and the programming. Each one of the coaches gets to know you on a personal level and finds out what is driving you to be a member of the gym. That way they can provide you with the individual coaching you need to reach all of your fitness goals. They are able to scale any of the workouts, if needed, in order to ensure that you are performing all the proper movements. If you are having trouble with anything, they are always eager to assist.

Since joining the CrossFit Brier Creek, I have achieved a lot of firsts. I can remember doing my first RX workout (i.e. – perform a WOD as prescribed) and everyone being just as excited as I was. I can remember my first workout with double-unders and although wanting to nap immediately, I was pumped. A huge goal of mine was to achieve a muscle up within a year of joining the gym and I can proudly say that was also a success!!!! I have gained as much knowledge as I have strength, but more importantly I have gained a family of CrossFitters. Whenever I struggle during a workout, there are always people there to cheer me on until I finish, which drives me to provide the same support to others every time I get a chance. It’s a great thing to see so many people achieving their personal fitness goals. CFBC will help you achieve all of your fitness goals just as they are helping me to achieve mine.

Jason A.

Jason AmsdenI started CrossFitting at CFBC a few days after they first opened. At that time, I’d been doing CrossFit for about 2 years so I knew what I was looking for in a CrossFit box including well organized classes, attentive coaches, programming with a purpose, and a close knit community. I found all of this and more at CFBC. To my surprise, with the excellent coaching and programming I found my fitness increasing immensely. For example, in my first year there each and every one of my basic lifts increased at least 50 pounds!


Dusty IdeI shopped the area for several months trying to find the right “box” for me. After trying a class and speaking with the staff at CFBC, I knew this was the right fit. I’ve been in Law Enforcement six years and I’m in the best shape of my career. CFBC has better prepared me for the rigorous demands of my profession. Their knowledgeable coaches and excellent programming are second to none. I’ve always lived an active lifestyle but I’ve never seen the results that I’ve seen while being a member at CrossFit Brier Creek.


Michelle GrayI have always been active and physically fit, but I was intimidated at thought of doing CrossFit. After visiting with Kirk at CrossFit Brier Creek, my anxiety was subdued and I decided to give CrossFit a try. After completing the Foundations class, I was addicted to the challenge of the WODs, the personal training provided by the coaches and the friendships I was developing. I had been regularly CrossFitting for five months when I found out that I was two months pregnant. The thought of taking a break from CrossFit during my pregnancy never crossed my mind because I knew that the amazing coaches at my box would guide me through each WOD and ensure that I scaled or modified as needed. I am now nine months pregnant and have continued to CrossFit approximately four days a week. CrossFit has kept me feeling healthy, strong and sane as my body changed. The coaches and athletes at CrossFit Brier Creek have been extremely supportive and I am fortunate to have shared my pregnancy journey with them.


Dayna RossiI began at CrossFit Brier Creek for the first time four months after giving birth to my twin daughters. My introduction to CrossFit was at a free community class that CrossFit Brier Creek offers. I will not lie, that first class was a bit scary! But Kirk (the owner of CrossFit Brier Creek) and the coach for that class, as well as the other participants were so nice and welcoming to me. Though I was in horrible shape after being on bed rest my last trimester of my pregnancy, they encouraged me the entire way through that class. This encouragement did not end there. All of the coaches as well as all of the members of CrossFit Brier Creek have been nothing but supportive and encouraging from when I first begin over a year-and-a-half ago up to today. After the years of pregnancies and caring for young babies, I wasn’t sure I would ever be physically back to my old self. Through my experience at CrossFit Brier Creek, I have not only gotten back to where I was, but have exceeded that and am still improving. My husband was so happy with my transformation that he joined CrossFit Brier Creek too. CrossFit has now become something important that we share and enjoy together. We are also very happy to be providing a model for healthy living to our three wonderful children.


Rachel IdeI joined CrossFit Brier Creek in April 2013 after my husband had been going since the beginning of the year. At first, I was a little hesitant and didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but my experiences with them since I have joined have been nothing but positive. Everything about this place is just AWESOME- the coaching, the community, the space and equipment, the schedule, and the programming. I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made, and the environment here is so welcoming, encouraging, and positive. I have also had the privilege to train here throughout my entire pregnancy, which has been a great experience. The coaches have done a fantastic job of making sure my workouts were safe and appropriate, while at the same time encouraging me to perform to the best of my ability. Fortunately, CrossFitting through my pregnancy has kept me healthy and strong, as well as help to keep my energy levels high. Although some things have been challenging, I’ve definitely kept in shape and even PR’d on a few of my Olympic lifts! With only a few weeks to go, I feel great and believe a majority of that is due to my consistent training at CFBC. Although I’ll be taking some time off to spend with our new arrival, I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store for me post-baby.

Rob (2LT, US ARMY)

Rob MorrisI came to CrossFit Brier Creek after tearing my Achilles’ Heel during training with the US Army. The CFBC coaches worked with my physical therapy team to ensure that I could maintain (and even increase) my fitness level while letting the injury heal. After the injury was healed and was fully recovered, I continued with CrossFit Brier Creek to increase my fitness even further. The workouts definitely helped me get back to form after my injury, in fact, I almost maxed out the first APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) that I took after recovering. CrossFit Brier Creek helped me get back to a level of fitness that I needed to be, and the coaches helped me specialize my workouts to cater to the skills & level of fitness needed for an upcoming US Army school. If there is anyone in doubt about doing CrossFit, they should come to CrossFit Brier Creek.


Stephanie HarmonI started at CFBC back in March 2013 with the hopes of becoming more active and fit all around. It has been close to 10 months now and not only have I achieved the goal of being more active but I have received many more pleasantly unexpected gains – the most important being a greater confidence in all aspects of my life. Working out at CFBC has helped me to gain strength; to feel empowered that I can lift heavy objects without help, which has in turn led me to carry myself differently – with a greater sense of pride and confidence. That feeling is priceless.

The coaching staff at CFBC has been excellent in teaching the movements involved in the WODs. Not only are the CFBC staff great at coaching the athletes through all the movements, but they also promote a supportive environment that has given me a greater sense of community. There is something about sweating through a hard workout together that really brings out the best in people. The athletes and coaches all cheer each other on while working through the WODs and that extra “you got this” can mean all the difference between getting those last reps and not. I have had the pleasure of meeting many people and creating new friendships all while getting fit and gaining more confidence at CFBC.


Justin HarmonThe idea of CrossFit, to be prepared for the unknown through constantly varied workouts, appealed to me as soon as I heard about it so I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea it would make such a large impact on my life. Now, after nearly a year I am truly glad to have made that first step as not only have I been able to become stronger, leaner and much more fit then before but I have also made many friends along the way. I find myself filled with a confidence that was not there before and have honestly improved my overall quality of life.

This is all possible because the coaching staff at CrossFit Brier Creek are phenomenal individuals who take the time to demonstrate every movement and then follow up to ensure that gym members perform them correctly. No matter what your starting ability is you will see improvements due to their knowledge and guidance. I have been steadily progressing and I can’t thank the CFBC staff enough for their assistance. I enjoy each day that I go and have yet to feel out of place.